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The ‘bama Bounce

Going into the weekend, we have new numbers to play with:

Poll: Obama Vaults To 15-Point Lead Over McCain

Barack Obama might just be getting his post-primary national bounce. A new poll from Newsweek gives him a 51%-36% lead over John McCain, up from a 46%-46% tie a month ago. Obama is helped by some key statistics. Five-five percent [...]

Obama Has Some Studying To Do

Or, there’s a really bad communication problem within the campaign. Positions on issues, like this one, really need to be known.

Sounds of Silence

Obama’s spokesman still doesn’t know his candidate’s position on the new FISA bill that passed the House today. The Senate vote is next week [...]

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An “Oooops” From The Other Side

Well now!  Another old video.  Another old comment.

John McCain: I Didn’t Really Love America Until…

Dan Abrams has uncovered a video of John McCain saying… “I really didn’t love America until I was deprived of her company.” This has the potential to upend this campaign. Given the criticism of Michelle Obama’s remarks about pride, how can the right still press the patriotism of the Democratic candidate’s wife when the Republican candidate himself [...]

Campaign Shakeup

The Obama camp loses a big fish.

Head of Obama’s Vice Presidential Search Resigns

James Johnson had come under scrutiny after disclosures that he had received mortgage loans on [...]

Obama and Edwards

This certainly won’t hurt him among Dems.

Elizabeth Edwards to Have Obama’s Ear

Barack Obama’s healthcare plan maybe looking better in the future to those voters who preferred the plans of Hillary Clinton and John Edwards. The Boston Globe reports: Barack Obama announced in his economy speech today that Elizabeth Edwards will work with him on healthcare policy — the issue that is the cause of her life and [...]

New Poll

Obama Has moved into the lead, over McCain. And the lead is not insignificant.

Clinton Helps Obama To A 9-Point Lead Over McCain

Note that in the most recent Gallup tracking poll, taken Friday-Sunday, Obama has now pulled out to a 6-point lead over McCain nationally, 48%-42% among registered voters. Also note something else: over the last three days, when Hillary is added to the ticket, that lead moves up to [...]

Just Saying “No”

Both candidates, McCain and Obama, are giving moderated townhall discussions a “thumbs down”. That says a lot about their distrust of the media.

The Townhalls

Ezra Klein coments on the fact that neither Obama nor McCain has any interest in allowing the press to moderate their proposed series of townhall meetings:This is possibly the first time in memory that the media’s actually suffered for [...]

Sunny Saturday

And, yes, it is another HOT one! Made the run through both Farmers’ Markets this morning and was delighted to find the first Arkansas peaches and the first real quantities of Arkansas tomatoes! Oh, the blueberries are beginning to roll in, too! And most of the local fruits and veggies seem to be a bit less costly that what you’d pay at the supermarket! Of course, the walking isn’t bad for a person, either!

Didn’t make it back home in time to catch Hillary Clinton’s endorsement of Barack Obama, so I’ll send you off to the net to watch this clip:

Party Unity Begins: Hillary Clinton Suspends Campaign, Endorses Barack Obama

After a long, grueling primary season, Senator Hillary Clinton called for party unity and vowed to support Senator Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee. In an inspirational speech to supporters in Washington D.C., Clinton called on her supporters to rally behind Obama: “The way to continue our fight now, to accomplish [...]

Full transcript here:

Clinton Concession Speech: Read Transcript

The Michelle Obama Tape Story

I though it had died down. Thanks to a McClatchy newspaper report, it’s back on the front burner, with a non-denial denial.

Obama Denies “Whitey Tape” Rumor… Or Does He?

..Now it appears to me that Obama isn’t so much denying that his wife gave such a rant, but rather denying the existence of the video (which has yet to be released if it exists) and he’s also choosing to [...]

That Clinton-Obama Meeting

The two candidates talked last night, but there’s a funny backstory, too. It seems the Obama camp got all the reporters loaded up on the campaign plane, they took off, then noticed that Obama wasn’t on the plane! That’s right, he sent them on their way, then went to his private meeting!

Feinstein Talks About Obama-Clinton Meeting

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) — host of the private meeting last night between Sen. Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton — tells CNN the two met at 9 pm for about an hour with no one else in the room and mentioned they were laughing. Feinstein said Clinton [...]

Interesting Data on the VP Spot

Judging by this polling info, Hillary really COULD help Obama. Kind of throws a new light on things, don’t you think?

Gallup: Hillary Gives Obama 5 Point Bump As VP

Obama can choose to not maximize his chances of winning in November if he does not choose Hillary Clinton. And that will be his choice and his responsibility. I wrote a post that discussed making [...]

Mending Fences

This will be tricky. Can Barack Obama mend fences with Bill Clinton?

Obama welcomes Bill Clinton aid

Barack Obama is looking forward to campaigning with a pair of Clintons this summer and fall. But don’t bother asking if he’ll pick the Clinton he just defeated as his running mate. Fielding questions on his campaign plane over Virginia, Obama heaped praise on Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York, his vanquished Democratic rival, pronouncing himself “grateful for her support.” He also said he expected to mend fences with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who criticized Obama sharply at [...]

Now She Wants It, Now She Doesn’t

Didn’t Hillary Clinton say that she’d be willing to talk about the VP spot with Obama? Guess she had a chance to sleep on it..

Clinton Says She’s Not Seeking Vice Presidency

Susan Davis reports on the presidential race. Some of Hillary Clinton?s most ardent backers want to see her end up on the presidential ticket this fall, but the New York senator said today that she’s not seeking the vice presidency. In a statement from her campaign, Clinton disavowed outside efforts to get her on the ticket, [...]

I guess what she’s saying is that she won’t campaign for the VP spot and doesn’t want anyone else to push it, either. But, she wouldn’t turn it down, would she?

The Next Step

With Clinton stepping aside, it’s up to Obama to start making nice with her supporters. It appears, if one incident builds a case, that he’s ready and willing to do just that.

A few more events like this one and we’ll all feel better

It’s possible that Minnesotans are just nicer and more gracious than folks in other parts of the country, but the MinnPost had an interesting report on the Obama rally at the Xcel Energy Center on Tuesday, and the kind of treatment Hillary Clinton’s supporters found when they got there. Specifically, the head of Clinton’s Minnesota campaign [...]

Not So Angry After All

Hmmm. The numbers would seem to run counter to conventional political thinking from the Obama vs Clinton campaign.

Poll: Nearly Half Of African Americans Want Hillary On Ticket

This interesting number buried in a new Rasmussen Reports poll should perhaps make us question whether African American voters are really all that upset with Hillary over the racially-charged tactics she was accused of using during the campaign… “Forty-five percent [...]

The Next Big Argument

You’re going to hear it, over and over again, during the Presidential Campaign. You’ll hear it from friends and relatives. You’ll hear it on radio talk shows. You’ll see it on TV. Logic? Not so much. Emotional? Very much so.

Mike Signorile tries to bore into the ‘if not Hillary, I’m voting McCain’ logic

It was a difficult day on The Michelangelo Signorile Show yesterday, as Mike spoke with several angry callers who are ready to vote for John McCain before casting a ballot for Barack Obama. In the clip below, the caller cites a few reasons I’ve seen out there, including: [...]

Clinton Timetable

I’ve been out for the evening, spending time with the new granddaughter! Came home to find Hillary is set to do it…stop her campaign and support Obama.

Breaking: Hillary Clinton To Suspend Campaign, Endorse Obama Friday

MSNBC is reporting that Senator Hillary Clinton will be suspending her campaign and plans to endorse the presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee, Senator Barack Obama, on Friday. More from the New York Times: Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is moving to suspend her campaign and endorse Senator Barack Obama on Friday after [...]

UPDATE: Okay, it’s Saturday, not Friday. Noted in my morning newspaper and via AMERICAblog:

Thursday Morning Open Thread

Good morning. So, it’s really over. I got the email from the Clinton campaign: “On Saturday, I will extend my congratulations to Senator Obama and my support for his candidacy. This has been a long and hard-fought campaign, but [..]

Wednesday Michelle Obama Tape Update

If you’re waiting for that “bombshell” Obama tape, I’d suggest not holding your breath. Nothing by midday on Wednesday. I’m not saying the tape doesn’t exist, I’m just saying that it certainly seems somebody would have coughed one up, since it was supposedly sold through the church’s website.

I’m offering this update, because an incredible number of you are finding this blog by searching for information on the tape. Second to “Space Aliens” and “UFO’s”, this topic is hot!

“Whitey” Tape Looking Pretty Shady

LJ points to a pro-Hillary site called HillBuzz, which now claims: Here’s what’s known so far: The Michelle Obama Rant Tape was filmed between June 26th – July 1st 2004 in Chicago, IL at the Rainbow/PUSH Coalition Conference at Trinity [...]

AIPAC Speeches

Interesting speeches this morning by Obama and Clinton. Both sounding very much like they admire and, maybe, like each other. Obama’s speech certainly sounded like a primary campaign speech. Clinton seemed to almost acknowledge that Obama is the candidate, saying she knew that he’d stand with Israel. And her attitude seemed to strongly suggest that does want to be a part of an Obama administration. This could be a trial run of what an Obama-Clinton tag-team administration would look and sound like.

Before the speeches, the Wall Street Journal said:

Political Perceptions: The (Non) Mating Dance of Obama and Clinton

Barack Obama clinched the Democratic nomination Tuesday, making him the first African-American presidential candidate of a major party. (Reuters) And so, with the end of the primary season, begins the mating dance?or perhaps the non-mating dance?between Sen.Barack Obama and Sen. Hillary Clinton. Now that Obama has secured the delegates necessary to clinch the nomination, the question [...]

What’s Up?

It’s Wednesday. We, apparently, have a democratic nominee for president. As I write this, he’s talking about Israel. Clinton has NOT conceded. And, we’re still waiting for a promised/threatened “bombshell” about Mrs. Obama. Is that why Clinton is hanging in there? Does she know about a supposedly game-changing videotape of Michelle Obama? Does she think it’s enough to flip the party upside down? Or, is she just stubborn enough to think there’s still something to her “popular vote” argument? It’s either one of the most spectacular displays of stubbornness ever, or we’re in for one heck of a ride between now and the convention.

What Went Wrong for Clinton?

The Wall Street Journal runs a must-read piece on the failures of Sen. Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. “Conversations over months with dozens of Clinton staffers, advisers and supporters suggest that over her 17-month campaign, the second-term New York senator and former first lady was [...]

The general consensus remains that the Obama/Clinton ticket is not likely to happen, no matter how conciliatory she sounded today (if she really did sound conciliatory).

A Dream Team?

As Hunter has pointed out, the “Dream Ticket” of Obama/Clinton, despite today’s media frenzy, is a non-starter. But as the Clinton campaign contemplates just how to have Senator Clinton exit the race, and as questions abound as to what her political future holds, here’s some speculation to think about: ” The Obama camp, however, remains nervous about Mrs Clinton’s intentions and ambitions, and is preparing a [...]