Campaign Rhetoric

Man, does Chris Bowers nail it with this piece at Open Left. All of the reasons why Obama’s working and Hillary is not. It’s not the message. It’s the method.

The Old Is New Again

I am loathe to write this, since it smacks of growing old and crotchety. However, to a certain extent I can understand some of the insider exacerbation with the arguments coming from some Obama supporters. Specifically, the ideas put forth by the Obama campaign on a wide range of process issues such as how to defeat Republicans and how to successfully govern are not new ideas from […]

UPDATE: Here’s another reason she’s tanking:

Texas, Texas, and more Texas

…First of all, if you want more evidence that Clinton is being done in by her campaign, there’s this blog post from TV reporter Elise Hu in Austin. “Since the arrival of the competing presidential campaigns, I have had a difficult time getting a hold of […]

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