Halfway Poiint

We’ve pretty much made it through the first half of the week, haven’t we? Not too worse for the wear, I must say.

Too bad we can’t say the same about the economy. Multiple hits on multiple fronts, again today.

Dollar falls through support level, oil hits new high

From bad to worse in the GOP economy. The dollar has fallen through a very important support level $1.50 – €1 so if the greenback fails to bounce back quickly this could hit the free fall that many have been predicting. So what does this mean in America? Exactly what […]

Then, from the “no kidding!” department:

Soaring Gas Prices Threaten Family Budgets

Gasoline prices, which for months lagged behind the big run-up in the price of oil, are suddenly rising quickly, with some experts saying they could approach $4 a gallon by spring. Diesel is hitting new records daily, and oil settled at a record high of $100.88 a barrel on Tuesday. The increases could not come at a worse time for […]


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