Late Night Journalism 101

One of the greats, Walter Cronkite. He was among those whom I admired, those who I wanted to follow in my decision to become a broadcast journalist. It’s difficult to believe that this particular broadcast was 40 years ago. It’s even more difficult to understand how the industry has changed in those 40 years. Heck, it’s impossible to understand how much it’s changed in the past ten years.

Walter Cronkite, Vietnam, and the Decline of Media Credibility

Walter Cronkite’s remarks at the end of his February 27, 1968 evening news broadcast, four decades ago today, were a watershed in the history of the MSM’s credibility […]

UPDATE: Coincidentally, there’s a new poll:

Poll: Traditional journalists are ‘out of touch.’

A new Zogby poll finds that 67 percent of Americans “believe traditional journalism is out of touch with what Americans want from their news.” Forty-eight percent say that their primary source of news and information comes from the Internet, an increase of […]

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