Oh, Yeah

That debate. This seems to pretty much echo the concensus opinion today.

No knockout punches on either side

Well, it was a subdued Hillary Clinton on display in last night’s debate, at least as compared to the kind of ranting we’ve seen out of her in recent days. And we saw an increasingly confident Barack Obama, who seems to have shed the fumfering tentativeness of his early debate performances. But nothing happened that’s likely to […]

If there was a loser, it appears to be MSNBC:

Russert and Farrakhan: What Hillary should have said

Against all odds, Daily Kos and TalkLeft reached the same conclusion, about last night’s debate: MSNBC is horrendously bad. I don’t need to go into all the details. In terms of the horse race, there was little that likely changed the dynamics of the campaign. On that level, Barack Obama won the debate. Hillary Clinton needed a game-changer, and probably didn’t get it. But I want to focus on MSNBC, on one question, and […]

From up in Northwest Arkansas, somebody LIKES MSNBC and has a suggestion or two for Hillary.


What a shame tonight in Ohio.

We could very well be wrong, but what we saw sure looked like the end of the Clinton-Bush presidencies unfolding. Again, we’re not Hillary loyalists here. We respect her, and think she’d make a fantastic […]

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