Almost There

We’ve almost cleared another full week! I sincerely hope that yours is a productive one. We’ve been trying to get an extra hour or so of sleep each night, in an effort to “catch up” and not wake up exhausted. Doesn’t seem to be particularly successful. As I get to the point in the day (evening) when I have time to work up some blog posts, I’m pretty well beat. Hopefully, we’ll maintain some energy tonight!

And we begin in the interest of fairness. It took them the better part of the week to conjure up the comments, but the GOP in Alabama is going after 60 Minutes over the Don Siegelman story. We’ve talked about it before, so – here’s the other side:

Alabama GOP to “60 Minutes”: Put Up, or Shut Up

In the MSM’s desperate desire to smear all things GOP, 60 Minutes recently ran a hit piece on Karl Rove, somehow trying to blame Mr. Rove for the downfall of Alabama’s corrupt, former Democratic governor Don Siegelman – the Alabama GOP has responded to the smear: Dear Mr. Pelley, Last Sunday, you aired a piece on 60 […]



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