Not Doing His Job

Barack Obama is a great speaker. He’s a marvelous motivator. So much so, perhaps, that his supporters haven’t taken the time to look at his record. A couple of examples for you tonight:

Obama’s Hearing Problem

In December, I did some research into how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton each used legislative machinery at their disposal in the Senate to get some sense of their “executive abilities”. For some reason, I expected Hillary Clinton to be too busy for things like subcommittee hearings and Obama to be drilling in and learning as much as he could because his experience in federal level legislative affairs might be perceived as weak. I found the opposite — and discovered that […]

A Skeptical Progressive Examines Obama’s Record, Concludes ” Count Me Out”

…He started thinking he didn’t know too much about Barack Obama other than the change meme, so he did some pretty exhaustive research on his voting record. As a result, he says, “Count Me Out.” Check out his issue by issue comparison and then his conclusion: […]

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