Lovely Leap Day

Hope yours is going smoothly. It’s tough to find much “good” to point out tonight. The stock market tanked. Again. Gas is costing more and the trend will likely continue. That means food and other necessities will go up, too. If I sound pessimistic, so be it. I’m looking hard for something to raise my spirits. Feel free to contribute. The comments are open!

Oil crosses $103 courtesy of Bernanke comments

The weak dollar policy is just crushing consumers and careless comments by Bernanke just don’t help. In all likelihood they probably thought they could control the dollar and keep it in a range to help promote exports. It’s a misguided policy but certainly one that many subscribe to in politics. Unfortunately for everyone else, […]

Consumer Sentiment Drops to 16-Year Low in February

U.S. consumer sentiment dropped to a 16-year low in February, hitting levels that usually sound the alarm bells of recession, on worries about declining incomes and rising unemployment, a survey showed Friday. Adding to the grim view, […]

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