Oh, That Nasty Fourth Estate

That’s right. Let’s go all negative on the media, shall we?

Warning… The Press Will Torment Obama, Too

“The press will torment Obama, too.” Anyone who thinks this won’t happen to either Obama or Clinton, who ever the nominee is, is dreaming. The Republican Noise Machine will kick in… Eric Boehlert noted on Media Matters today: With Sen. Barack Obama now emerging as the Democratic front-runner, clear signs suggest that his press treatment […]

Speaking of the media, here’s one organization that’s standing by its story:

CTV Reconfirms Obama NAFTA Story [UPDATED]

UPDATE: From CTV News, “[T]he Obama camp did not respond to repeated questions from CTV on reports that a conversation on this matter was held between Obama’s senior economic adviser — Austan Goolsbee — and the Canadian Consulate General in Chicago.” Earlier Thursday, the Obama campaign insisted that no conversations have taken place with any […]

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One response to “Oh, That Nasty Fourth Estate

  1. Obama’s campaign is delusional if they think that stonewalling will make it go away. IHere’s something to look at to bring yourself up to speed:

    And this from the National Review, the stuff that still needs to be asked of Obama (if we can get a reporter with enough courage to ask it):

    Obama’s Catch-22: Either He’s Lying Or He Has An Insane, Out of Control Adviser


    While I suppose it’s possible for Barack Obama to have not known that his senior economic adviser Austan Goolsbee was telling the Canadian government, it is rather disconcerting to see him denying that any conversation took place so emphatically, now that both the Canadian consulate and Goolsbee are no longer denying the conversation.


    Obama: I don’t have to clarify it, the Canadian Embassy already clarified it by saying that the story is not true. Our office has said the story is not true. It’s important for viewers to understand that it was not true.


    If Obama did know that he was speaking to the Canadians, he just let out a blatant lie on par with, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman.”

    See the full article at:

    Got a moment for fun?

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