Backyard Blogging

Springtime! Not officially, but it sure feels like it today! I’ll be making a few posts from the deck this afternoon, nut only because it’s darn nice, but because I’m dog-sitting for our daughter’s new puppy. He’s cute, but he goes looking for every possible hole in the fence and every spot where the ground is soft enough that he could dig under. So, it’s constant supervision, at least until I feel confident that we’ve found and covered all possible escape routes! Plus, one of our dogs isn’t entirely comfortable with the pup and the two of them have had some skirmishes in the past. At this moment, all’s quiet. One of our dogs is snoozing in a bedroom upstairs, the other is occupying his regular spot on the dog bed in the family room. Pup’s laying in a spot of sunshine on the deck. They each, I guess, have their “spot”, so everything is quiet.

Not so in politics!

McCain stands with his Catholic bashing supporter. What is that good Catholic boy Tim Russert going to do?

Another major scandal brewing for John McCain. This week, the GOP nominee got endorsed by a vehement anti-Catholic — and doesn’t seem to think it’s that big of a deal. Where’s Tim Russert now? He sure made a big deal about Farrakhan with Obama during the debate the other night. And, […]


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