Canadian Healthcare

There’s been much discussion, pro and con, about Canada’s system of universal healthcare. The concept of universal healthcare is a major issue in the current presidential campaign. You’ve likely had folks on both sides of the issue try to sway your thoughts on the issue.  Just to add to your education, consider these thoughts from a physician who is part of the Canadian system…

What Does Universal Healthcare Mean?

…I am near the end of another busy shift in a major Canadian emergency department. The nurse in charge asks me to see two women in the minor care area – a daughter and her elderly mother. Both of them are in tears and pale […]

I’m glad Crooks and Liars finally posted this video.  This story on last night’s edition of “60 Minutes” demanded rewinding to make sure I hadn’t slipped into some parallel universe.  Honestly, I didn’t think it had gotten THIS bad here in the U.S.  It is enough to make you cry.

60 Minutes: Charity Trying To Make Up For Failing U.S. Health Care System

If you’re looking for a story that shows the abysmal state of health care in America, look no further. 60 Minutes traveled to Knoxville, TN to film a free clinic set up by a charity group called Remote Area Medical Volunteer Corps, or RAM. The charity was initially started in […]

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