Confused? We All Should Be!

Could the Texas democratic primary/caucus system be any more complicated?  Any more screwed up? They’re saying it may be Saturday before they can sort through everything and give us definitive results. SATURDAY??!! At least we know Clinton won the popular vote in Texas. And in Ohio (double-digit win).  And in Rhode Island.  Still, the wins didn’t help that much in the race for delegates. This is just goofy.

So far, Clinton may have picked up only 2 delegates more than Obama yesterday

…She can’t win. But she can ensure that Obama is so bloodied, to use Rush Limbaugh’s description of the Clinton strategy, that Obama is damaged goods come the fall. After all, if Hillary can’t get the nomination, then nobody should. While I respect the arguments that the lengthy primary process has skyrocketed […]

After the jump, this would explain why it’s taking so long to work through the caucus results:

Hey Kids! Get Off My Lawn!

That lovely home gracious enough to donate their space for what should have been a dreary caucus (2004 had around 50 attendees) was overrun this evening in a shockingly subdued fashion by hundreds of very patient caucusgoers. The caucus was scheduled to begin at 7:15, but there was a slight delay as overwhelmed volunteers tried […]

And it may all come down to arm-twisting at the convention:

It’s Not About The Math

As you listen to campaign strategists talk today about various delegate counts and make assumptions and projections on upcoming Democratic primaries, remember one thing: It’s not about the math, it’s about the politics. Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama will win the […]

How Ugly Will It Get?

Donna Brazile says Howard Dean and other party leaders should be prepared to step in [….]


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