McCain and Bush

Nice and friendly, weren’t they today? Bush says McCain is his man and McCain seems more than willing to accept that title.  Did you catch his victory speech last night? I heard part of it on Sirius on the way into work this morning. I thought McCain was going to nod off during his own speech! Finally, the crowd realized he was saying he had the nomination locked up and started to cheer.  Until that point, he came off like an old man who had just lost his best friend, not a man who wants to win the race for the White House.  It HAS been a long week. Already. 

John McCain: The Answer to Republican Prayers

In his acceptance/victory speech last night, John McCain made clear his foreign policy would be based on a world view that assumes a global war with radical Islam is the great calling of our time. And he was defiant on Iraq, laying out a set of benchmarks and preconditions for withdrawing so impossible that not even George Bush has had the temerity to […]

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