Snow Day. Again.

This is just so strange for Arkansas in March.  A foot of snow early this week, not far from here.  More in the forecast (for us, this time) for tonight through Friday. Part of me would love to see 8 inches of it, but the other part of me doesn’t want to have to deal with the idiotic drivers who will try to maneuver the hilly streets of our city, with bald tires and no snow-driving skills. I’ve been out there with them in previous years and it ain’t fun. Best story was the year my usual 20 minute drive to or from work turned into a six hour nightmare. All it takes is an inch or so of snow and this area shuts down. Stay tuned.  We’ll keep you posted.  Heck, I might even play around with the camera and try to upload a photo or two! in case you’re interested, this is what we’re dealing with.  See all that white over Arkansas and surrounding states? Those are Winter Weather Warnings and Watches. That’s a big hunk of territory…


For now, let’s see what the politicos are yapping about. I’m somewhat fatigued by the aftermath of the elections, so we’ll kick things off with something different.

So where will the real story be told?

A month ago, I wrote about a former female Halliburton/KBR employee who was forced to arbitrate a legal claim of sexual assault and sexual harassment that occurred in Iraq, rather than having a public trial before a jury.Well, one month later, it is happening again:”In a federal lawsuit, Jamie Leigh Jones says she was drugged, raped and held against her will in a storage locker while working for KBR Inc., then […]


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