Understanding The Candidates

I think each of the Presidential Candidates has some things to explain before we, the American voters, can hope to understand how they would perform in office. I’m far from deciding who I think that person should be. But I found this article one of the most enlightening about Barack Obama’s thought processes and inquisitiveness.

Reflections on Obama By Someone Who Knows Him

One of the memes of the Clinton campaign is to try to paint Obama as an empty suit. There’s been considerable evidence that this is untrue, and we see it again in a description of Obama by Cas Sunstein, a former colleague of Obama at The University of Chicago: On this occasion, he had an important […]

If that article was positive, this one balances it out.  Confusing, isn’t it?

Obama adviser: No one ready for 3 am phone call

The Clinton campaign has very generously sent reporters covering the presidential race a YouTube video of Susan Rice, a foreign policy adviser to Sen. Barack Obama, saying on MSNBC yesterday that neither Sens. Hillary Clinton nor Obama were ready to answer the 3 a.m. crisis phone call in the White House. The Clinton campaign saw it as a gotcha moment, since […]

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