Hard At Work

It’s been a busy one! And, did I mention that I hate the transition to Daylight Saving Time? That one little hour shouldn’t mess with my head and body as much as it always does. But, there was bright sunshine and decently warm temperatures that combined to get my backside outside to spread a layer of “weed and feed” on the front yard. Hopefully, that will knock down the batches of early weeds that suddenly appeared in the past couple of weeks!

And, I’m experimenting with a unique web service that helps you maximize your savings at the supermarket. If it continues to do what it did today, I’ll be telling you all about it. I just want to test it for a couple more weeks. But, today, buying only things that we actually do use, I saw savings of more than 35%, compared to regular prices. Those savings combined store sales and coupons. Nice, huh?

All political eyes are on the NRCC and its money woes. This one really stinks and it’s one to keep your eyes on.

Ominous clouds hanging over NRCC

Shortly after Democrats took back the House majority in November 2006, the National Republican Congressional Committee began considering what it would take to get it back. After all, the 109th Congress was a national disgrace, but by November 2008, it would be ancient history. By last fall, the landscape was discouraging for the GOP. The NRCC’s […]



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