Dig Deep

And don’t plan on driving very far!  I truly hope Mark Hutcherson is wrong about this possibility. It’s really becoming quite frightening, what’s happening to America’s economy.

Will Gas Prices Exceed $5 Per Gallon By Summer?

In some parts of the United States gas prices are already well above $4 per gallon for premium and here in Central Texas the price for plain regular unleaded gas in already at almost $3.50 per gallon. While reading news about the slowing US economy and the inflationary effects of raising gas prices, I began to become more concerned about […]

Oil passes $107, setting another record

Oil prices hit $107.44, a new inflation-adjusted record and their fifth new high in the last six sessions. Meanwhile, gasoline prices were poised Monday to set a new record at the pump, having surged to within half a cent of their record high of $3.227 a […]

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One response to “Dig Deep

  1. It really sucks that the run up in price of oil/gasoline has been brought on by our elected officials sleeping with BIG OIL. Also because of investors and speculators greed. Come on America lets get mad and organize and show them we are tired of be walked on.

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