The MSNBC Shuffle

Ch-ch-changes. Here’s your updated MSNBC scorecard, for those of you who are keeping track.  Bottom line?   Tucker Carlson’s show is gone.  He’s still around, kind of.  David Gregory gets Tucker’s old slot.  And….oh, there’s a bunch of other stuff happening: Countdown gets a second primetime airing, Abrams’ show gets a new name and a new focus, Andrea Mitchell will anchor the 1 pm hour.  But the Tucker story gets most of the attention:

Tucker Carlson: A True Washington Story

MSNBC is FINALLY taking a needed step, and not a moment too soon. David Gregory will replace Tucker Carlson. Now, instead of suffering through election season with an obnoxious dimwit, we will actually have some informed dialog and insight. I would have preferred Rachel Maddow, but MSNBC is trying to put forth more clout from […]


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