Good Cop, Bad Cop

From up in Northwest Arkansas, The Iconoclast blog notes a string of nefarious doings on the part of law officers from local to state level…and there are some doozies in here, folks.

Arkansas Bad Cop Week

It has been a bad week for the image and fact of justice in Arkansas, as law enforcement officers continued to commit serial abuses of power. Of course, one poster commented earlier that it is a good week for the people when the cops don’t shoot and kill an […]

UPDATE:  Whew!  It’s not only Arkansas cops getting a bad rap:

Pa. trooper protected child prostitution ring, feds say

A former Pennsylvania state trooper tipped off pimps who ran a child prostitution ring in exchange for money and sex, federal prosecutors said today in announcing charges against him. Kevin J. Coleman, 42, of Harrisburg, was accused of […]

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One response to “Good Cop, Bad Cop

  1. thenonconformer

    Law and order, Police, lawyers, judges, governments, regulations are a necessary fact of life in all areas it seems. for there always seems to be some bad guy somewhere who thinks they can get away with cheating, lying, stealing, abusing others too, even the so called professionals, Pastors, Cops, Realtors, accountants. The so called regulating societies tend to be too often merely a cover up, a pretence of justice, and all seem to know in Canada that most bad cops seem top get away with even murder, abusing the good citizens too. Could there be another fair way to deal with them all now too? What way?

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