Back Among The Living

Kind of.  Not running 100% still this evening.  At least it’s Friday. Storms rolled through overnight and they always drive one of our dogs crazy.  So, it was like having a baby in the house again!  Consequently, we’ve been tired all day long. Ugh. 

Today was Tucker Carlson’s final show on MSNBC. He was certainly not among the best they have. We’ll reserve judgement on the replacement, another “Road to the White House” thing.  There IS such a thing as overkill.

We begin tonight with the latest twist in the Eliot Spitzer debacle. It would seem he might have been stupider than we thought.

Spitzer Being Investigated for Using Campaign Funds In Meetings With Prostitutes

Things might be looking worse for Spitzer. While there was never any doubt that he could not survive politically, it is not yet clear as to what legal charges he will face. If this was limited to a victimless crime such as prostitution, and even if there was some technically illegal movement of his personal […]

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