Big Topic of The Day

It’s all about religion and racism. I’m just now catching up on this story. It does seem that it could have some pretty strong implications for the Obama campaign.

Imagine if Wright Were Hillary’s Pastor …

Imagine for a moment Hillary had for two decades embraced a minister and a church that preached racism or hatred for America as Wright’s has done. She not only would not be running for president, she wouldn’t be in the Senate, she probably would not be employable in public life anywhere. The question […]

Debate, after the jump…


UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan opines that there is a lot of space between the preacher’s statements and Obama’s beliefs.

The Wright Stuff

It’s nutty, offensive and paranoid stuff. And it is perfectly legitimate for reporters and voters to ask questions. It is not much nuttier than Falwell and Robertson, however. And I don’t think it’s racist to understand that the black church […]

UPDATE 2: The morning news programs tackled it extensively:

Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s Pastor, Prompt Candidate To Address Comments

UPDATE 3: and the fallout continues to intensify:

Is Wright a “Death Blow” to Obama?

Like a number of emailers, TPM Reader JB is wringing his hands over Obama’s Rev. Wright: “The Wright time bomb appears to be detonating, now that the horse race narrative has stalled and the media needs new material. The inadequacy […]

UPDATE 4: Later, TPM readers chimed in from the other side:

Au Contraire

TPM Reader JS responds to JB … “I go to church every Sunday, and frankly, I never received the memo that says you’re obligated to agree with everything that a pastor says in a sermon. I thought the idea that […]

And, finally, Obama writes:

Obama calls pastor’s words ‘inflammatory, appalling’

Sen. Barack Obama is speaking out today on questions surrounding the statements of the longtime and now-retired pastor of his church in Chicago, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The senator is speaking out about “my faith and my church” with a personal blog entry at The Huffington Post. Wright “has touched off a firestorm,” […]

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