The Big Speech

Obama gave it this morning. On the issue of race.  Here are two pieces analyzing the speech.  One from the left. One from the right. Feel free to do the balancing act.

Obama Attempts Double Back Flip

Drudge Report has the transcript of Barack Obama’s speech, and it was just as weak as you thought it would be. Amazingly, Obama is sticking with the […]

It’s high….it’s far….it’s GONE! A home run!!

Of course Joe Scarborough won’t think so. Nor will the other talking heads of the media and their managers for whom the status quo has been very lucrative; those who think John McCain should be our next president. But if this is the opening salvo in a conversation about race and religion that is long overdue, then Barack Obama has, if you’ll excuse my all-over-the-place metaphors, not just […]

Video here: Barack Obama’s Speech on Race…

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