It’s been five years.  Five years since we invaded Iraq. Jill has a spectacular post over at “Brilliant at Breakfast”. It is, as they say, a “keeper” and one you’ll want to pass along.

Five Years Ago

…It is five years into a war born of insanity, fought of insanity, continuing because of insanity. It is a war that has cost trillions of dollars, much of it missing into the black hole of sweetheart deals, cronyism, private military, and no-bid contracts — trillions of dollars that could be spent here at home to rebuild our crumbling bridges and roads, educate our children, invest in alternative energy, provide health care for all Americans. Instead, […]

As long as you’re reading, Juan Cole’s pretty darn good, too:

Juan Cole: 5 Years Of Iraq Lies

Each year of George W. Bush’s war in Iraq has been represented by a thematic falsehood. That Iraq is now calm or more stable is only the latest in a series of such whoppers, which the mainstream press eagerly repeats. The fifth anniversary of Bush’s invasion of Iraq will be the last he presides over. Sen. John McCain, in turn, has now taken to […]

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