Not Once, But Three Times

John McCain had a colossal “oops” yesterday.  Actually, he strung together three of them.  All the same.  All impossible for the media not to notice. As Olbermann asked last night, “this guy wants to be our President???”

Al Qaeda gaffe dogs McCain, undermines campaign rationale

During a press conference yesterday, John McCain, a self-described expert on matters of national security and international affairs, made a very high-profile screw-up — he falsely insisted that al Qaeda terrorists are being trained in Iran to fight in Iraq. What’s more, he asserted without hesitation that this is “common knowledge.” Of course, McCain’s claim didn’t […]

UPDATE:  Make it FOUR times!

McCain compounds al Qaeda gaffe by repeating for a fourth time

When John McCain got confused yesterday about Sunni and Shiite, Iran and al Qaeda, his campaign issued a statement insisting that McCain “misspoke and immediately corrected himself.” The explanation is far less plausible when McCain makes the same mistake and pushes the same bogus argument four times in two days. This time, in a statement from his […]

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