Kinda. Jetlagged. Tired. Sunburned. And, heck, we just went to visit family in Tucson. Recuperating after a typically flawed flight schedule (does ANYTHING run on time anymore?), we’re relaxing and trying to figure out when to unpack. I’m thinking Saturday. It’s closing in on Midnight in these parts, so let’s just say that I skimmed through Bloglines and noticed a few interesting posts, but one that was actually newsworty.

Siegelman: Rove’s ‘fingerprints are smeared all over this case.’

Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman (D) was released from prison today so he can testify to the House Judiciary Committee about the controversial prosecution that led to his incarceration. In an interview shortly after his release, Siegelman singled out former White House aide Karl Rove’s involvement in his case: In a telephone interview shortly after […]



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