Halfway Point

I know not what it is, but something continues to stomp on me.  It may be all of the crud in the air this time of year, or it may just be that I’m about to become another year older. Whatever it is, it made it difficult to keep my eyes open all day, even with the assistance of several cups of caffeine. My stomach didn’t like being subjected to that, so it (in turn) rebelled, as well.  All in all, not a pleasant day.

Let’s kick it off tonight with an appropriate topic: torture.

Thou Shalt Not Torture

The big story this morning is the release of one John Yoo’s memos about how legal it is to torture people if the president says so. The lawyers among you will no doubt be appalled. Egads!! Sloppy legal reasoning. Actually, it was just a power-play. They defined themselves as above the law and above international standards of morality. They were wrong [….]

Dept. of Justice: Bush is above the law and torture laws don’t apply

…From the ACLU, to whom we all owe thanks and gratitude for having the letter made public: “A secret memo authored by the Department of Justice (DOJ) asserting that President Bush has unlimited power to order brutal interrogations to extract information from […]

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