Thursday Thoughts

Arkansas continued to be battered by strong storms today.  Enough is enough! We have enough problems without mother nature piling on. Speaking of “piling on”, airline travelers are pretty much feeling that way these days. We really did manage to zigzag our way through a maze of flights over spring break, without feeling the impact of the latest round of cancellations.  There was a great discussion of the problems with the airline industry on Morning Joe this morning, with the bottom line being that the airlines can’t charge enough to provide the service and safety people want because nobody will pay and they can’t afford to continue to operate with prices where they are, given the high fuel costs. In other words, there might have to be another government bailout coming. But the money for that…from where does it come?  Taxpayers are feeling kind of tapped out right now.

Because of Congressional Oversight, F.A.A. is finally getting around to making sure airlines are complying with safety.

For some reason, it appears that the U.S. airlines didn’t feel compelled to follow safety guidelines for the past few years. The F.A.A. didn’t seem too concerned, until recently. It really is hard to grasp just how little concern the Bush administration has for the safety of Americans. Bush was aided and abetted by the GOP-led Congress that never […]


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