The Week That Would Never End

Finally, there was sunshine today!  This has been a horrendously long week and I’m stuck in the house all weekend, working on taxes.  Yeah, I know, I waiting until the deadline once again.  Every year I promise myself I’ll do them early. Every year I procrastinate.

So, if you don’t see a lot of updates this weekend, you’ll know why.

We kick things off this Friday evening with some observations from the overseas media.

are Americans that wishy washy?

This article at Der Spiegel was brought to my attention by one of our readers, Dirruk, in the Netherlands and I thought it was pretty interesting. Why Americans Never Vote For What They Want by Gabor Steingart in Washington. I presume this article is for international readers but the author makes a few good points in general. American voters are a contradictory bunch: “They say they want social […]


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