Busy weekend. And there are still chores to do. I did finally manage to de-spyware my old laptop! I have to credit Spyware Doctor with the success. Google offers a decent version (that does more than just FIND the problems) free with it’s Google Pack. If things stay clean, I’m buying the full package, I’m THAT impressed. Hey, after fighting with this junk for well over a week, and trying almost everything I know, it’s a relief to have this laptop back. And happy. And working smoother than it has for years. It took every computer trick I knew to finally find a way to get it installed. The junk had blocked most installations and wouldn’t even let me get to task manager. Before you tell me to consider an Apple, I’m already doing that.

Except that little old laptop is purring right along.

Most of the talk this weekend was about Obama’s “people are bitter” comment. No kidding. If he hadn’t tied it to “church” and “guns” it might have worked. Honestly, I can understand what he’s saying.

People aren’t bitter, they happy!

Hillary is absolutely correct about Americans who have been shafted by the policies of the GOP, Bill Clinton, and Hillary’s votes on the war and the bankruptcy bill. I don’t know who Obama is talking to, but these people are smiling and happy. They’re pleased that they’ve been given the […]

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