Monday. Already.

Well, I joined the group of folks who have been nailed by something ugly, health-wise.  Woke up this morning just feeling horrible.  And the day hasn’t offered much in the way of improvement. So, I’m thinking the posts will be light tonight.  Plus, it’s tough to find much other than pessimistic posts to link to.  An example:

Food Riots Skyrocket, World Leaders Have No Solutions

Finance ministers gathered this weekend to grapple with the global financial crisis also struggled with a problem that has plagued the world periodically since before the time of the Pharaohs: food shortages. Surging commodity prices have pushed up global food prices 83% in the past three years, according to […]

Food Prices Rise At Fastest Rate In 17 Years

Steve Tarpin can bake a graham cracker crust in his sleep, but explaining why the price for his Key lime pies went from $20 to $25 required mastering a thornier topic: global economics.He recently wrote a letter to his customers and posted it near the cash register listing the […]


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