Sick Day and Cable News

I just MUST be feeling better by tomorrow. I can’t take another day of watching the cable TV folks bring up a single event, over and over and over.  This debate over Obama’s use of the word “bitter” to describe folks in rural America is getting WAY too much play.  Every hour – sometimes every half hour – MSNBC would have a couple of pundits on to debate whether it’s a bad thing for him.  Clinton and McCain have jumped on it and are still pounding away.  I grew up in about as small a town in rural America as you could find.  I’m not offended.  But, I can feel a bit bitter about the entire situation in America right now. I guess it’s the fact that he used that term in conjunction with comments about how rural America holds on to things like guns and religion that rankled some.  Are you among them?

You Bitter?

I’ve gotten asked by a lot of readers what I make of this whole “bitter” controversy. So a few thoughts. In cases such as this I think it is always crucial to distinguish in our own minds between what we […]

Clinton Pulling Away in Pennsylvania


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