Pentagon Propaganda

There was a marvelous article in yesterday’s New York Times that deserves some attention, still today. I was buried in family things and didn’t read about it until today.  Here’s some help in digging through the lengthy piece.

A Guide to ‘NYT’ Scoop on Pentagon’s Media Propaganda

The front-page David Barstow epic in today’s New York Times on how the Pentagon, starting in 2002, assembled a crew of retired military officers to disseminate propaganda via all-too-willing network and cable news outlets is drawing wide attention (see other story). Barstow aptly refers to this as […]

The NYT article is here.

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One response to “Pentagon Propaganda

  1. Hi everyone – we are trying to give people a way to take action on this issue. An administration secretly forcing favorable views via the press is not a partisan issue. This is a violation of every conceivable standard of journalism — and possibly of federal law.

    It’s time the truth about the selling of this war came out. You can help make this happen. Take Action here: Signing this letter does work. If we can get 50,000 people to join this call to Congress, they will likely take action to stop government propaganda. The public has help stop fake news in the past. (

    You can watch this video for more information, and evidence of this issue:

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