Twisting The Truth

Oh, those darn talking points. Let’s tear into them, shall we?

Intellectual laziness and the ‘al Qaeda’ shorthand

About a year ago, it became painfully obvious that the president started lying about al Qaeda in Iraq as part of a cynical approach to bolstering support for the war. While that was hardly unexpected, the more noticeable problem was that the media started playing along with the White House’s scheme, and began characterizing everyone […]

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2 responses to “Twisting The Truth

  1. Ah, yes. The boogieman for the New American Century: al-Qaeda. The Surge, which was in reality, little more than a big PR campaign , in which we paid militants to kill one another instead of us, is now unravelling. What’s a war-monger president to do? Why, fall back on the old standard, of course! To wit, raise the spector of the latest and greatest “al-Qaeda Number 2” threatening new attacks on the West. Which Al-Qaeda No. 2 are we on now. It seems Bush has killed off about a dozen over the past four years. I know that within a few weeks, we’ll be hearing about how an al-Qaeda plot has been squashed. What I don’t know is what bit of bad political news will trigger Team Bush’s release of this. With them is’s all about dodging the truth.

  2. Man, that Al-Zwahiri is one slippery customer. He was captured in 2002 and 2004, and he’s somehow escaped again.

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