Where Did The Weekend Go?

I woke exhausted this morning.  It was simply too busy of a weekend for this old man.  But, it was all worth it.  A five-mile hike on Saturday, dinner with the kids on Sunday, combined to make it a busy one.  My brain simply did not want to respond when the radio kicked on at 5:30 this morning.  Usually the dogs start prancing around when they hear the radio, forcing me to my feet to let them outside.  This morning, even THEY delayed reacting to the sound.

Much of the online chatter today focuses on Tuesday’s big primary election in Pennsylvania.  AMERICAblog has a good summary of the final polls – assuming you put any belief in the numbers:

PA Polls: SurveyUSA shows Clinton lead drops from 14 to 6 over past week; Quinnipiac has Clinton up 7; PPP has Obama up 3

NOTE FROM JOHN: To put these polls in context, Joe added a link at the bottom of this post to a Bloomberg News article. The article explains that even if Hillary beats Obama by 25 percentage points in Pennsylvania, she still is unlikely […]


Drudge is running a big headline claiming that Hillary Clinton’s internal polling shows her 11 points ahead in Pennsylvania. Was this a deliberate leak from HRC to Drudge? Josh Marshall doesn’t think so:Here’s why. The game is heavily about expectations […]

But, before you start passing that report along, consider this:

Clinton Campaign Swats Down Drudge Story

On a conference call with reporters just minutes ago, Clinton campaign spokesperson Howard Wolfson and senior strategist and pollster Geoff Garin jumped to “categorically deny” the existence of any [… ]


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