Olbermann And Clinton

Hillary Clinton spent some time on Countdown last night. I missed it, choosing to watch CBS’s “Sunday Morning” on the DVR.  I was a regular viewer years ago, but somewhere along the line I fell out of the routine.  Rediscovered it this past weekend, thanks to my wife, and came to the realization that it’s just about the best news show on television. It appears it’s where all the older, solid, reporters are ending up.   The writing is sharp, the pace isn’t so fast that you feel obligation to overdose on caffeine to keep up with it, and the stories are a great mix of hard news and often emotional features.  It’s just darn good. 

So, I’ll have to defer to the blogosphere to provide some thoughts on Clinton’s appearance:

Clinton’s surprising appearance on ‘Countdown’

It’s hardly unusual to think Hillary Clinton would appear on a popular, national cable talk show the night before a major primary, but her appearance on MSNBC’s “Countdown” was at least somewhat unexpected. For one thing, the Clinton campaign has done little to hide its disgust with the network’s coverage of the Democratic race, most […]

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