This Presidential Campaign is exhausting darn near everybody.  The candidates are tired.  The voters are tired.  Perhaps most importantly, the superdelegates are tired.  And that, my friends, is a problem.

Help us, superdelegates; you’re our only hope

Democratic strategist Jim Jordan, who is not affiliated with either presidential campaign, told the LA Times last night, “Anybody who says past this point that this is good for the party or good for the nominee is a fool.” The candidates, he said are “exhausted, they’re more likely to make mistakes, and they’re raising each […]

Where’s all that leave the candidates?

Damning Hillary Clinton With Faint Praise As The Bloodletting Finally Nears An End

In this strangest of campaign seasons, Pennsylvania has stood out for how much and how little has changed in the most ferociously fought and one of the most expensive primary campaigns ever. And when the fat lady finally sang, it turned out to be pretty much meaningless except in one important respect. Hillary Clinton’s 9-plus percentage point win over Barack Obama is impressive any way you cut it except […]

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