Conflicting Stories

John McCain has been lounging around, staying out of the political spotlight, for some time now.  He’s back out there and he’s not very consistent with his message.

McCain Bends His Pledge To Eliminate All Earmarks Again: I Will Judge Spending Cuts ‘On The Basis Of Need’

On the campaign trail, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) makes a big show of claiming that he is the “worst nightmare” of Congressional spending and that if elected, he “will veto every bill with earmarks.” At the same time, McCain’s campaign has said it will “cut some $160 billion in discretionary spending” out of the budget, […]

It is, indeed, time to start paying very close attention to what McCain says…

The excesses of water-carrying for McCain

There’s probably little point to arguing that much of the political media establishment is embarrassingly in the tank for John McCain, but the Washington Post has been especially frustrating this week. On Monday, for example, reporter Jonathan Weisman noted that McCain is faring well in national polls because he’s been “branded” an “independent maverick.” Suggesting that […]

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