It’s Almost Here

The weekend, that is.  Just around the corner.  After yet another round of rain. Enough already!  The rivers are full, the lakes are full, the floods continue.  We have too much, yet there’s not enough out west, where the Colorado River is low. Where’s the balance?

Politically, I’m beginning to question the Clinton campaign. To “keep on keepin’ on” may be, philosophically, admirable – but it’s just not making much sense, when you look closely at the numbers.

Charlie Cook: For Clinton, “the war is pretty much lost”

Okay, read one more analysis of the current state of play in the Democratic nomination process. This one is from Charlie Cook, who is pretty much the sage for conventional wisdom — in more of a measured, thoughtful, research-driven and fact-based way than say, Mark Halperin or the other hysterical pundits. When Charlie Cook speaks, a lot of  […]

Or, is there still a chance…

The Clintons’ Secret Weapon

Rove let the cat out of the bag: it’s Michigan, stupid: “While all eyes were locked on Pennsylvania for the last six weeks, Clinton was quietly amassing delegates in the Wolverine State. And she was rewarded this past weekend with […]

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