Thank Goodness

It (finally) is Friday! Picked up our monthly bushel basket of Arkansas food products on the way home tonight. We’ll be eating just fine for a while, thanks to fresh strawberries, fresh butter, fresh milk and cream, bacon, eggs and more! Even sweet potatoes and, yes, RICE!

That’s the good stuff. Now, on to one thing that really got under my skin when I stumbled on it during lunch today. Rush Limbaugh has really crossed the line this time…..REALLY!

Limbaugh Urges Riots in Denver

…and you should be urging Colorado Attorney General John Suthers to investigate. How is it that a GOP attack dog frontman can call for riots in the streets of Denver during the Democratic National Convention, and not be currently residing in a jail cell someplace? Because, apparently, IOKIYAR. Still, Inciting to Riot is a felony – and the Colorado AG should be all over this […]

More here. Critics are not going to back off on this one. Limbaugh was wrong. He went WAY over the line.

Limbaugh’s Incitement to Violence

My friend Richard asks a good question. Why does Rush Limbaugh get a pass on encouraging his listeners to riot at the Democratic National Convention in […]


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