No Kidding!!

It continues, out of control. Writing letters asking for investigations ain’t gonna cut it. Millions of Americans can’t simply park their cars, without SOME way of getting too and from work. In too many parts of the country, there simply isn’t a decent public transportation system. In rural areas, there’s nothing. As we’ve noted here often, the big problem with gas prices is they snowball throughout the economy.

Gasoline prices top concerns over jobs, health troubles

Paying for gasoline easily tops the list of economic woes facing families in the United States, according to a survey on how changes in the economy have affected people’s lives. About 44 percent of survey participants said paying for gasoline was a “serious problem […]

Of course, this just really warms my heart, too..

Shell Profits Soar By 25% Thanks To Record Oil Prices

Royal Dutch Shell PLC reported a 25 percent rise in first-quarter earnings on Tuesday, crediting strong increases in oil prices. Europe’s largest oil company said its average selling price of crude oil leaped by […]


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