Turning Tricks

With the help of a defense contractor. 

U.S. Military Contractor ‘Used Armored Cars To Transport Prostitutes’

Over at Muckraked, we get news that “a panel of whistleblowers” testifying before a Senate committee yesterday dropped a dime on their employer, military contractor DynCorp (among others). The most explosive part of the testimony involved a contract manager, a misappropriated armored car, and prostitutes: […]

There’s more ugly stuff:

Former KBR employees say workers stole from Iraq, ‘melted down gold to make spurs.’

Yesterday, two former employees of embattled contract company KBR told a congressional panel that some of their coworkers frequently stole money and artwork from Iraq. One said that “some of her American colleagues doing construction work in Iraqi palaces and municipal buildings took woodcarvings, tapestries and crystal ‘and even melted down gold to make spurs […]

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