Smoke And Mirrors

Bill Press was talking about the President’s Tuesday news conference as I was driving to work this morning, noting that there were a lot of just flat-out false things that came out of his mouth.  Chief, perhaps, among them was the concept that having access to the crude oil in the ANWR would have solved a lot of our problems.  Well, that and new refineries that he hinted Congress had a roll in blocking.  Isn’t that the responsibility of the oil companies?  Shouldn’t they be putting some of those huge profits into new refineries? Congress, to the best of my knowledge, hasn’t blocked any new refineries.

Now, on to the problem with the ANWR argument.

The ANWR Myth

Reuters has a nice rundown of why George Bush’s claim that gas prices are a result of Democrats’ refusal to allow oil drilling in the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge is just so much horsepuckey: […]

Quite the fascinating discussion on the issue of building refineries here:

Shell Oil president: To cut price, produce more gasoline in U.S.

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