Almost To Friday

Whew.  We’ve almost made it through another one.  Another week. America’s economic woes continue to pile up as gas prices and food prices show no signs of pulling back, while housing values drop and foreclosures mount. Still, we managed to squeeze out a tiny, tiny increase in the GDP, so we’re not technically in a recession. Nice, huh?

Oh, almost forgot, it’s anniversary time!

5 Years after Mission Accomplished; April US Troop Toll 50 Killed; 1,073 Iraqis Killed this Month

5 Years after George W. Bush’s infamous speech aboard the USS Lincoln, the mission seems incomplete. Bush imagined that he could get rid of Saddam Hussein and install exiled businessman and bank fraudster Ahmad Chalabi in his place. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz told Congress that the US would be out of Iraq, except for a division (20,000 men or so), by October of 2003. Wolfowitz and other Bush officials depicted Iraqis as […]

Flashback: Read McCain’s ‘Mission Accomplished’ Iraq Speech

Today is the fifth anniversary of President Bush’s infamous “Mission Accomplished” speech. What many don’t know is that just three weeks later, on May 22, 2003, Sen. John McCain offered a mission accomplished speech of his own. On the Senate floor, McCain proclaimed “massive victory” in Iraq and […]

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