This is why Hillary Clinton has refused to drop out.  She’s been waiting for the tide to turn…

Poll: Clinton Beats McCain In Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio

Winning among white working class voters, New York Sen. Hillary Clinton holds strong leads over Arizona Sen. John McCain – and runs much better than Illinois Sen. Barack Obama – in three critical swing states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, according to three […]

Gallup confirms the Obama slide

What seems most noticeable about the polling is that Obama didn’t start tanking until after he ‘denounced’ Wright. Why is that? […]

And, from the “one step forward, two steps back” department – this little embarrassment:

“Hillary vs. the Coffee Maker” is #1 on YouTube, top of Drudge, over 300,000 views in 18 hours

Yesterday, we got a tip from fellow blogger Paddy, who writes at Cliff Schecter’s blog, that he just watched MSNBC and saw Hillary, during her now infamous gas station photo op, was caught on camera trying to make herself a cup of coffee (cappuccino, we heard), and failing miserably. We alerted a ton of friends, and one was able to find […]

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