And The Winner IS…

What’s the contest?  Stupidest thing to ever come out of the mouth of a human being.  Here’s my entry:

Baghdad amusement park contractor: Violence in Baghdad is like ‘drive-bys’ in LA.

On April 24, Fox News interviewed John March, executive vice president of Ride and Show Engineering, to discuss the contractor’s plans to develop the “Baghdad Zoo and Entertainment Experience.” Host Bill Hemmer asked March whether there are safety concerns associated with the park’s development. March answered: Well, you live here in Southern California and there’s drive-bys […]

Sadly, it’s not the first time we’ve heard such talk. And won’t be the last time. Lots of history in the following.

GOP: Baghdad Still Safer Than U.S. Cities

From the outset of the Iraq war, Republican leaders and their amen corner in the right-wing media have sought to calm squeamish Americans by favorably comparing the violence there to life in U.S. cities. Now, John March, a developer planning […]

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