The Aftermath

Sometimes, even I get burned out on politics. We watched “junk” on the tube last night, leaving the primary coverage to the infrequent, short, interruptions on the main networks. I caught up this morning via Morning Joe on MSNBC and it certainly does look like, as the New York Post headlined it, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is “toast”.  Especially when I got into work this morning and the first thing that popped up was the CNN alert that she’d loaned herself another 6.4 million dollars last month. With a huge loss in North Carolina and only a slight victory in Indiana, it’s going to be tough for her to raise money in the future.

Former republican John Cole has some thoughts:

It Is Over

So I got a whole two hours of sleep, and I am sure grumbling about insomnia will be the topic of another post later on today (really, is there anything more annoying than lying, staring at the ceiling, making deals with an invisible someone for just 2-3 hours sleep?), but now I am watching Morning […]

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