Covering The Candidates

Folks, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You have to do your own digging into the background of political candidates.  Don’t trust every picture painted by the nightly news or cable networks. Take the coverage of John McCain as an example:

‘Maverick’ McCain? Not when it counts

The Arizona Republic thought it might be a good idea to scrutinize John McCain’s voting record a bit, and consider whether his media-driven “maverick” reputation holds up. Take a wild guess what they found. “Over the years, Sen. John McCain has publicly condemned Republican Party leaders and occasionally voted against the GOP on selected issues. But […]

Pretty one-sided, but well-vetted:

John McCain’s Top 10 Out-of-Touch Moments

In another sign of the media’s sheepish acceptance of the Barack Obama “elitist” story line, the New York Times on Tuesday described the Illinois Senator as “tagged as elitist.” But just as disturbing as the Republicans’ apparent success in establishing the “out of touch” narrative as a fixture in campaign coverage is John McCain’s seeming […]

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