Friday Fun

TGIF, my friends. TGIF.  This has been one hectic week, with evening events the past three nights!  That’s why posts are going up a bit later than usual tonight and probably will be a bit fewer in number.

Oh, did I mention that I’m tired?  At least the final event of the week is behind us, and it was quite fun.  We spent a couple of hours at “Cheese and  Quackers”, a benefit for Special Olympics, sponsored by KTHV, the television station where our daughter produces the noon news. The “Quackers” reference is to the plastic ducks that were pulled from the pond at the Peabody Hotel to determine prize winners.  The Peabody Hotels have a long-standing tradition of parading live ducks to and from a pond in the lobby, much to the delight of big crowds of children (and adults!)  It’s really quite amazing.  They ride the elevator from the rooftop home to the lobby, then march right around the corner, up a little ramp and into the pond!

In the blogosphere this evening, there’s a bit of a faceoff among bloggers who usually find themselves on the same side of most issues.  The topic is Hillary Clinton.  More specifically, whether her only possible shot at the nomination is reasonable and right.

Letter to the HillBloggers

Dear Jeralyn, Armando (Big Tent Democrat), Jerome Armstrong, Taylor Marsh, etc.: I’m confused about something. You all keep saying that it is vitally important that we count every vote before determining who the nominee should be. It’s a fine principle, and one that is familiar to all Democrats from the last two presidential elections. So, if we agree to count all the votes from Michigan and Florida and to seat all the delegates based on those votes, and Hillary Clinton is still behind in the pledged delegates (as she would [… ]


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