The Sounds of Silence

Excellent post.  My best guess is the mainstream media is just downright embarrassed that they were “had” by the Pentagon.  That embarrassment should translate into anger and action, but it hasn’t.  Now, they’re just keeping things on the QT, so they don’t lose access.

The Propaganda of Silence

Twenty days ago, David Barstow broke his story in The New York Times about the Pentagon’s use of network and cable military analysts to reinforce its talking points and present a favorable picture of happenings in Iraq. Ever since, the print and television media have delved into the scandal, prying out new details in interviews and document searches, and discussing the implications for democracy when the Department of Defense shapes the debate with the help of triple-dipping former employees who present themselves as objective observers of U.S. policy. Riiiiiiiiiiiight. In some parallel dimension. In our dimension, […]

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