Post-Mothers’ Day

Hope your Mothers’ Day was a great one.  Now, it’s back to work on a Monday. Saturday night brought more storms around here.  More families waking up to a new week with no home or a badly damaged one.  It’s been an usually rough spring, weather-wise, not only around here, but all across the south. It may not be Global Warming, but something is up with our weather cycles.

Myanmar is still a mess.  A bit of relief is getting in, but not nearly enough. Now, we have an earthquake in China that’s killed thousands.  900 students buried in a school and rescuers have no way to get to them, the roads are destroyed.

And, much more locally, I’ve gotten in the habit of checking gas prices on my way into work each morning.  Yesterday, I noticed one station had jumped five cents a gallon higher than the other – $3.64 vs $3.59.  This morning, the $3.59 station had jumped a DIME to $3.69!  What prompted that? Crude oil is actually a bit lower right now?  It’s frustrating, to say the least.

Ok, how about a little politics.  Some political prognostications, perhaps…

Why McCain could win the White House

A VIEW FROM CANADA: For many voters, the Republican nominee is viewed as true war hero and the one to best defend country […]


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